Sundays With Seth: 'American Dad' Recap

'American Dad' - 'Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls'

'American Dad' went a different direction. After seeing Meg as a sexy cat and Robert as a "ghost," I was fully expecting some sexy hippy variation of a costume for Hayley, but instead we didn't even see her this episode. We almost got Francine into a sexy costume, keeping the notion alive that this is what women do on this night, but had to settle for her in her bra and panties.

Considering the episode turned into a horror movie, complete with slasher serial killers on the loose, it was appropriate that she was in her underwear; the female leads always wind up that way. I was a little disappointed that we never made it over to Buckle's house to see the interior, but maybe that was the idea. Like horror movies of old, the imagination is far better than anything we can be seen on television.

The Toshi/Akiko/Steve triangle wound up having very little to do with Halloween, and thus didn't resonate as powerfully as the other storylines throughout the night. It did give Toshi an excuse to samurai slash up all the serial killers, in a disturbingly calm and gruesome manner. This may have been grosser than the guts and gore on 'The Walking Dead.'

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