The Celebrity Apprentice Season 9 Episode 9 "Radio Days" Review Sanders Fired!

Well it looks like it didn't hold up for two weeks in a row. But tonight Trump refrained from firing two members and decided to let Summer Sanders go after telling her that she had no killer instincts.

After last week where no one was fired, I honestly believed that Trump was going to let the blood spill and eliminate two contestants tonight. But nope, only one tonight. The celebrities tonight were told to make 3 radio ads for some low budget house hold services. At first I thought that Bret Michael's team was doomed from the start since him and Sharon spent half of the time making farting noices. But in the end Tenacity lost and Bret's team won by a nose hair.

I have watched other seasons of The Celebrity Apprentice and I find this one to lack a lot of fight from the contestants. I can't see any of them actually working for Trump like I have in other seasons. However, I am sure that Osborne is going to make it far in the competition along with Curtis the famous take home chef. But I guess we will have to see.


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