America's Got Talent Season 5 Episode 17 "Hollywood Week 3" Review

Well this season definitely feels like it has gone on forever and we are still only in the quarter finals. Will this ever end? In fact it was kind of hard for me to watch all of it tonight, the interest is just diminishing. But I am sure that there are still some strong die hards out there that would completely disagree with me. I guess the ratings speak for themselves.

The third set of 12 hit the stage tonight, fighting for the four spots to make it into the next round. And we still have another set of 12 to go next week. However Piers and Howie were probably very satisfied tonight since their favorite act hit the stage, the bellydancing duo of Kaya and Sadie. But even Sharon thought they were fantastic tonight.

Studio One Beast Society also hit the stage tonight and the judges think they are the best dance group in this season. But I definitely liked the bike stunt devil Jeremey who did his stunt tonight blindfolded! The acts were entertaining but it will be great to see just how the result show will go tomorrow night. It should be very interesting to see just how well the judges agree or disagree with the viewers.


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