Is Love Around the Corner for How I Met Your Mother's Ted and Zoey?

Ted (Josh Radnor) sees a whole other side of new frenemy Zoey Van Smoot (Jennifer Morrison) on tonight's How I Met Your Mother (8/7c, CBS) when the pretty protestor ditches her picket sign for Prada at a black-tie fund-raiser held at New York's Natural History Museum.

"She's in a very elegant gown with tons and tons of diamonds — very different from how we've seen Zoey," says Morrison. "Of course, Ted has a field day accusing her of saying she's one thing when she's really something else."

Ted and his friends quickly learn that Zoey has a rich husband played by Desperate Housewives alum Kyle MacLachlan. "Kyle does such an awesome job of making this character so lovable and hate-able at the same time," says Morrison, adding that Zoey's hubby is "very focused on his boat. That boat is the most important thing in his life. He's even named himself 'the Captain' and wears these red pants and a sailor's jacket."

So if Zoey's married, then why is the character being touted as Ted's new love interest for the season? Morrison says it's hardly an ideal marriage, and this episode "will make Ted see her differently. Seeds will be planted." Sounds like love's about to blossom!

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