FAMILY GUY “Halloween on Spooner Street” Review

Family Guy Season 9 Episode 4 - 	 Halloween on Spooner Street

It is Stewie’s first Halloween and after Brian kindly gets him to stop shooting up the little kids, he finally dresses up as a vampire duck. After his candy is stolen by big kids, he devises a plot to get his candy back. Being Stewie, this plot involves a bazooka. Especially after Brian proves himself to be useless when the big boys paint him pink.

When he is unable to defeat the big boys, Stewie has no choice but to call in the big guns: Lois goes after the bully who stole Stewie’s candy big time. Don’t mess with the mama bear.

Of course Meg goes to her first high school Halloween party, which Lois comments hilariously: "You gonna go see three movies in a row so it seems like you’re doing something." Meg’s friends decide to wear masks to increase their chance of making out.

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