THE GOOD GUYS “Silence of the Dan” Review

The Good Guys Season 1 Episode 16 - Silence of the Dan

Hodges is Jack’s new partner on a stolen painting case when Dan is sidelined after fainting in the "Silence of the Dan" episode of THE GOOD GUYS.

While I don’t want to see Dan sidelined ever again, it works well in this episode. Seeing Jack as Dan and Hodges as a dumber version of Jack is as odd as Dan seeing Jack with his face all stretchy, but much funnier. "Shut up, Hodges!" is apparently now the show’s motto, and while that’s definitely better than "You just got Hodged," Hodges really does crack me up, especially with barbecue sauce face, and I love just how Dan-like Jack becomes, right down to the crazy driving and story-telling.

I’m loving Samantha more and more. Between comparing Dan’s blood vessel consistency to an old plastic bag, teaching Dan how to work the computer machine, and the look on her face when Dan threatens to tell Hodges she’s attracted to him, she is full of win and Angela Sarafyan steals her scenes. Plus, Samantha gives Dan a "Slow Ride" ringtone and has one of my favorite lines: "Just don‘t die in here because I‘ll get in so much trouble."

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