WEEDS “Fran Tarkenton” Review

Weeds Season 6 Episode 12 - Fran Tarkenton

Storylines come to a head in the "Fran Tarkenton" episode of WEEDS, as Andy continues trying to get passports, Doug takes a surprising trip, and Nancy must decide how much of her story to tell Vaughn. I had a chance to watch the episode early, and while some of it feels a bit disjointed, I think it puts all the necessary pieces in place for a strong finale next week.

We pick up where "Viking Pride" left off, with Nancy talking to Vaughn’s video camera. Am I the only one shocked that he’s a reporter? Even after the too personal interview with Jill in "To Moscow, and Quickly" I still thought the FBI was behind the camera, but I knew Esteban might be a possibility. I never considered a reporter from San Diego. There’s some good back and forth between Nancy and Vaughn, and he’s a worthy adversary for her, calling her out in a way few do, and Vaughn scores extra points for using word clouds.

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