HOUSE “Office Politics” Review

House Season 7 Episode 6 - Office Politics

House gets a new team member, whether he likes it or not, while the patient of the week is a manipulative campaign manager played with gusto by Jack Coleman (Heroes‘ HRG) in the "Office Politics" episode of HOUSE. I was able to watch the episode early and I’m happy to say the show comes back strong after a two-week run of repeats.

The big news of the episode is that there’s a new team member: Martha Masters, a third year medical student who almost immediately annoys House. Some of the push-pull between House and Masters covers territory we’ve seen before, but it fits perfectly into the classic House structure and works well with the characters, who share a fun platonic chemistry. Amber Tamblyn is terrific as the brilliant, awkward, and–horror of horrors, at least to House, who calls her the "love child of Einstein and Mary Poppins"–moral Masters.

Masters also has an invigorating effect on the other team members. She’s a breath of fresh air and just what "Boring, Bimbo, and Bite-Sized" (as House introduces them) need. Taub has the most extreme reaction to Masters, leading to some classic Foreman-Taub moments. I don’t know how long Masters will be sticking around, but I think there could be some very interesting long-term development here.

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