SPOOKS Series 9 Episode 8 Review

Spooks Season 9 Episode 8 - Episode 8

The series 9 finale kept me engrossed, barely wanting to blink in case I missed something important. This was the episode where we got answers – why was Lucas doing all of this? What was Albany? How would it all end? The problem is that those answers weren’t very satisfying.

After Vaughn’s death, Lucas had no real reason to get Albany, except to buy himself and Maya a new life elsewhere. With that goal in mind, he set up an elaborate scheme to track Harry Pearce, manipulate him into handing over Albany, and get away scot-free, while the rest of the team chased their tails.

It was a fairly good plan. The addition of Alec White, a mostly unlikeable former agent who Beth takes an instant dislike to, was a good one. The problem is that we don’t see him actually do anything. He brings results, formulates theories, has Tariq carry out one of his plans, but we only see the results when he has little left to do, making everything feel very anticlimactic. I can only assume that he was brought in now to be carried over to the confirmed series 10.

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