90210 “Mother Dearest” Review

90210 Season 3 Episode 8 - 	 Mother Dearest

This week’s episode started with a flash to the end and then started back at the beginning which was fun. It was also good to see that at least one of the endings changed. Ade finally came to her senses and introduced her real boyfriend, Navid, to the world on the red carpet. She also finally took charge when it came to Victor. It is pretty bad when even Joe Jonas can see your manager is a sleaze ball after only meeting him for a couple of minutes. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem that Adrianna will have her happy ending, does it? That little moment between Silver and Navid and the almost kiss seems to have had a lingering effect on both of them. The commenter from last week that mentioned a possible affair between them seems correct after all. What do you think? Good idea or not? I kind of like the Silver and Navid angle. They seem pretty good together.

Speaking of Navid, I am not sure where they are going with his father and the child porn story, but it can only lead to bad things. No matter how angry you are at discovering that about your father, would your first instinct be to tell the school counselor? Of course she has to report it. I predict that this tale is going to end similar to that of Nate on Gossip Girl and soon enough Navid is going to find himself without any money and without any family. What do you think they are going to do with this plot? Will Navid’s father end up in prison?

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