'House': Trust No One

'House' Fan Columnist: Trust No One

The last two episodes of House haven't been my favorites. Having said that, this one definitely redeemed the last two. "Office Politics" accomplishes everything a strong episode of House should. It provided interesting dynamics amongst the team, it tested House's relationship with medicine and Cuddy, and it set up dynamic parallels between new characters, old characters and the patient of the week.  "Office Politics" also explored one of House's age old themes: Everybody lies. 

Patient Comes First

Do not adjust your television. The annoying campaign commercial was just a part of the brilliant and timely, I might add, teaser at the beginning of the episode. If only this episode could have aired on Nov. 1! What's worse than a dirty politician? His campaign manager, apparently. Such was the case with this week's POTW, Joe Dugan. Joe wants to dirty up the already slimy Senate race, and in the beginning, Sen. Anderson is opposed. All it takes is a dip in the polls, and Anderson releases a dishonest commercial about his opponent; and of course, the POTW has no problem even taking the blame for the Senator's crossing of ethical lines. 

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