House Episode Recap: "Office Politics" Season 7, Episode 6

Amber Tamblyn House

Cuddy hires brilliant med student Martha Masters (Amber Tamblyn) as  House's newest female team member, but he has an extremely difficult time trying to deal with her ethical view on practicing medicine.

This week's episode begins with the Senate re-election race around the corner and campaign manager Joe Dugan (Heroes' Jack Coleman) falls ill mysteriously. Just as the team is discussing the patient's symptoms, the team's newest member, Martha Masters, stops by. She's a brilliant, third-year med student that Cuddy hired for the opening.

House introduces her to the team, or rather calls them, "boring, bimbo and bite-size." Ha! He demonstrates Martha's genius with a few rapid-fire trivia questions, all of which she nails. The team continues brainstorming about the patient, and House makes it clear to Martha that she better chime in with an opinion if she wants to make it on his team.

Taub, Foreman and Martha head to Joe's house, but when Martha sees Foreman pick the lock, her morals kick into high gear as she refuses to enter the home. The other two carry on and find an empty bottle of unpasteurized cider, so the team runs with an E. coli theory. Martha feels compelled to tell Joe they broke into his home, but Joe doesn't care one way or another. House, however, does care that Martha felt it was necessary to rat her team out. House asks Martha why someone as brilliant as her would hide her mind behind her morals. "Rules are helpful guidelines for stupid people," he says.

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