Mike & Molly Episode Recap: "Mike Snores" Season 1, Episode 7

Mike & Molly Season 1 Episode 8 - Mike Snores

Mike's cluelessness is funny to me, but not so funny to Molly. She's spending a lot of time at his place — a wise decision that's reinforced when Molly comes home to discover Victoria is flashing the delivery guys for free pizza.

Although Mike likes that he can get his shampoo/conditioner/bodywash in one container, Molly doesn't find it as charming. Mike also doesn't have a hair dryer but promises to buy one for Molly the next time he's at Sams.

Carl, in the meantime, calls Molly a nester and tells Mike she's already started moving in. The proof? The sponge she gives Mike that makes his skin so soft. Even though Carl claims it's proof of Molly's invasion, he needs the name of that sponge so he can get himself one.

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