Intervention Season 9 Episode 10 "Gabe V." Review

This season of Intervention has been absolutely intense with stories that have surely touched many viewers on a personal level. And this episode that focuses on an addict named Gabe is no different. Gabe is an alcoholic.

At first I was somewhat disappointed that this episode was switched back from two stories rather then one. I really enjoyed how A&E decided to mix it up and grab the appeal to every viewer but it made me think that Gabe might just have one of those stories that needed the entire hour time frame.

And I was right. Gabe is a rockstar. And well what comes with being a rockstar? Drugs, Booze and Rock and Roll. But Gabe is a full born alcoholic and excessive is to say the least. We watched how boozed up he became from morning to night and it looked like there wasn't too much of a chance he wouldn't relapse. The update proved that it might be harder to quit then anyone thought. But who knows where the road will take him. Regardless it was an entertaining and emotional episode.


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