Big New Tron Legacy Trailer Arrives

Big New Tron Legacy Trailer Arrives

We realise it might seem like you’ve seen approximately a thousand Tron Legacytrailers, promo clips, music videos and more as Disney prepares to unleash the behemoth sequel upon an entirely suspecting film-going world, but bear with us. Because the latest – and likely final, since the movie itself arrives in little more than a month – trailer has roared online, bringing lots of new little action moments and character beats.

And yes, Light Jets. Just a glimpse once again, but plenty of flying action is indeed included in a trailer that attempts to spin more of the father/son story between Jeff Bridges’ Kevin Flynn and Garrett Hedlund as son Sam. And there’s even a little extra look at Flynn’s other creation, Clu (played, of course, by a digitally de-aged Bridges), the main villain. We’ve got to admit, after a few worries about how Clu looked in earlier teasers, he really is starting to grow on us, and we predict he’ll be much more effective in the final cut of the film.

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