CHASE “Posse” Review

Chase Season 1 Episode 7 - 	 The Posse

Interesting dilemma they bring up in this episode when a guy takes it upon himself to act like a US Marshall and take down criminals. It didn’t seem so bad when he was going after sex offenders or pedophiles, but when he starts shooting innocent bystanders, you realize there’s a reason why people aren’t allowed to take the law into their own hands.

When I was involved in an interview with Chase creator Jennifer Johnson, I remember being surprised when she mentioned that being able to form a posse is a power still possessed by US Marshalls. So I thought it was pretty cool that they wrote that into the show. McGraw not only impersonates a Marshall but then deputizes his own posse to help keep Annie and her team off his trail. That’s definitely something I didn’t see coming and the team having to chase a guy who’s nearly as trained as they are was cool to watch. It kept everyone on their toes and made this chase a bit more exciting than normal.

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