The Celebrity Apprentice Season 9 Episode 6 "Episode 906" Review

Tonight was another interesting night of The Celebrity Apprentice and we had a special guest star country singer, Trace Adkins. Trace also competed in the show a few seasons back so is a veteren to this competition! The teams were told to makeover and create a press kit for country stars.

The teams were judged on the quality of their makeover, the press kit and the value that they added to the star. The teams got to duke it out to whom they wanted to makeover, in the end the women choses Emily West and the men chose Luke Bryan. Goldberg opted for project manager and Cyndi as well for the women's team.

And of course it wouldn't be a show without bikering on the women's part and it seemed the heat was really building up with Cyndi and Maria, especially in the boardroom where Cyndi admitted to Trump that everyone did a great job except for her. At the end, the women won this competition again, sending Goldberg home on the basis of electing himself to be a project manager on a task he knew nothing about. Trace strongly disaggreed with Trump's decision and it was refreshing for once since everyone that typically sits on that side of the table is generally a yesman. I'm guessing next week that there is going to have to be a mix in the teams to even them out.

I give tonight a 4 out of 5.


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