Keenan Cahill Raps With 50 Cent on 'Chelsea Lately' (VIDEO)

Keenan Cahill Raps With 50 Cent on 'Chelsea Lately'

Lately, all the guests on 'Chelsea Lately' have been hitting on the host. Maybe this is a result of Chelsea Handler's rumored affair with rapper 50 Cent -- which makes random celebs think they "have a shot" with her. Maybe it's because Ms. Handler is so darn attractive. But one way or another, the floodgates have been opened. There's no going back now.

Tonight (weeknights, 11PM ET on E!), diminutive Internet sensation Keenan Cahill was the newest guest to hit on Chelsea. Cahill is only 15 years old, and he's only four feet tall. That didn't stop him from calling Ms. Handler a "cougar" -- or keep him from giving Handler his phone number.

Keenan suffers from Maroteaux-Lamy syndrome -- which stops growth at around age eight. There is no cure for the rare disorder; as a result, Cahill is no taller than a child. He doesn't let that hold him back -- flirting-wise or otherwise.

Cahill is famed for his lip-syncing skills; he's gotten millions of "hits" on his Internet videos. And his popularity seems to be growing. At the very least, he's cool enough that 50 Cent didn't mind him hitting on Chelsea.

The rapper "sang" with Cahill during a performance of the new single 'Down on Me.' The rap song contains these lyrics: "Shorty, you a dime/ Why you looking lonely?" Well, Mr. Cahill may be a "shorty" in a literal sense, but with all his fans, he doesn't seem too lonely. Even if Chelsea didn't slip Keenan her phone number in return, he should be fine, we're guessing ...

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