Director George Tillman Jr. On Set Interview FASTER

While director George Tillman Jr. was incredibly busy when I got to visit the set of Faster earlier this year, towards the end of the afternoon, during some down time, we managed to get in a few questions about Dwayne Johnson’s return to kicking ass.

What I liked about Tillman Jr. was that he told us Faster reminded him of a 70’s action film (which he’s a big fan of).  He told us, "I just felt like this movie was a throwback to those films in the Seventies… like with Steve McQueen."

The other thing that made me happy was that Faster wouldn’t be filled with CGI cars and fake driving. Tillman told us, "we doin’ it all, there’s no visual effects, it’s us." And if they didn’t get a shot they needed, "we gotta come back and get it next week.  I think that’s what makes it interesting.  The closest recently I think is what (Quentin) Tarantino did with Death Proof. "  Much more after the jump:

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