'Fringe' recap: Pills, Thrills and Bellyaches


On "Fringe": Olivia still thinks she's Fauxlivia despite her troubling visions of a smug Peter telling her: "Listen to me! YOU ARE NOT FAUXLIVIA!" This could be a problem (it certainly must be annoying for Olivia), because Brandon has started running the Secretary's experiments on Olivia to see how she can go back and forth between universes.

Meanwhile, the Alt-Fringe team is investigating the case of a man who appears to have been cut out of the amber -- and revived -- by his twin. What with the whole amberification strategy not being particularly popular among the population at large, Walternate is concerned what will happen if people find out that their friends and relatives who are encased in amber are still alive. He maintains, though, that cutting people out of the amber would destroy its structural integrity.

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