RAISING HOPE “The Sniffles” Review

Raising Hope Season 1 Episode 7 - The Sniffles

Hope’s first cold leads Jimmy to taking a second job at the grocery store so he can get health insurance in the "The Sniffles" episode of RAISING HOPE and that leads Burt to do something drastic.

I’m not sure Burt actually having the butler go get the health insurance out of the hot air balloon would have surprised me much more than seeing him working for Green Thumb as the low man on the totem pole. There is such terrific father-son stuff between Burt and Jimmy tonight, and I love how layers of their relationship are slowly revealed. There’s the meaningful: the heartbreak that washes over Burt’s face when he sees Jimmy at the grocery store and the black and white cookie, but there’s also the hilarious: Burt’s "Baba Booey" when Virginia seeks help from Dr. Tim and "That’s not a grandpa problem" after Burt gets Hope hopped up on said cookie–not to mention Burt running away when Jimmy catches him with Green Thumb. Burt has the most moments this episode: choking on the food funnel, teasing the ants, and using every font known to man in his proposal. Plus, formicality is a great new word and "Mow me the money" is pretty darn funny. OMG to the city councilor’s stripper daughter. Ha!

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