Glee Takes on Bullies

How fitting that a cover of Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream" was the best number in a Glee that addressed the teenage nightmare of bullying.

Gay bullying, to be specific: A topic that's been getting tons of attention lately due to a rash of abuse-related suicides among gay youths. Tragic. Needless. And sadly, an option considered by way too many kids who feel they have nowhere to turn, nor anyone in their corner. Sweetly, if a tad conveniently, the episode granted Kurt both of those things after the pressure of being regularly taunted by a football behemoth led him to the promised land of acceptance — an all-boys academy with a zero-tolerance bullying policy and an insanely adorable love interest in the form of Darren Criss, who needs to become a series regular, pronto.

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