Why One of Glee’s Shocking Liplocks Worked Better Than the Other

And here you thought Kurt and his new "Teenage Dream" Blaine were going to lock lips. There was the slow-motion hand-holding down the hallway, the "I'm gonna get your heart racing / in my skintight jeans," the text messages of "courage"...

But no. (Or, not yet.) Glee pulled a fast one and Kurt instead got his first kiss from a closeted jock. Then, in another unexpected turn, Mr. Schu planted a gentle one on Coach Bieste, who after learning that her image provided some glee clubbers the, er, buzz kill, they needed, revealed hurt feelings.

Kurt's kiss with ham hock (his words, not mine) felt necessary, even if it was presented as a twist. As Mr. Schu pointed out, this season Kurt has been plenty angry and, for the most part, unwilling to accept help from his friends. But in this episode, he interacts with two guys on opposite ends of his spectrum. There's new friend Blaine, out and proud, and more of an experienced mentor on growing up gay than a real love interest at the point. Then there's the bully, who turns out to be someone also struggling with his identity issues, albeit in very destructive ways.

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