Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 8 "Please, Do Talk About Me When I'm Gone" Review

There wasn't a lot of action tonight on this new episode of Pretty Little Liars but we did get to see a lot of clips into the past about who Allison really was. There were moments from each of the four girls where it would go back in time to when all five of them were sitting at the beach.

The episode focused on the memorial that the school was putting on for Allison and Jenna even volunteered to give a speech at the end. The girls were in panic mode thinking she might say things that will let out some of their secrets but in the end she didn't. Allison's brother came into town to arrange the proceedings for the memorial and tells Spencer that Allison told him about the fire and put the blame on her.

The girl's are all feeling like Allison has trapped them into this movie that they can't get out of. At the end of the episode the girl's discover that her bracelet has been copied by someone and someone destroys Allison's memorial site. This show has been gaining mad reviews and I myself have found myself looking forward to the next episode.

Other smaller details tonight would be Hannah's financial troubles at home leading her to sell some valuables on EBay, and Emily going public with her romance with Mya.


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