NCIS: LOS ANGELES “Bounty” Review

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 2 Episode 8 - Bounty

The theme of tonight’s episode was definitely trust. While it was played mostly for laughs with Kensi and Deeks, Sam and Callen showed us what it was really about. We know that Sam and Callen are the perfect partnership and tonight we not only got to see that in action, we got to hear a bit about how it came about in the first place… and then find out it was complete bull.

For about two whole seconds I wasn’t happy to hear that Hetty’s story wasn’t true. Then I thought about it and realized that Sam and Callen’s trust in each other probably didn’t come in one all-defining moment, it came from years of working together and getting to know one another.

Seeing the way Kensi and Deeks were struggling, Hetty took it upon herself to give them what they needed to start trusting each other, and how can we blame her? She’s the leader and she does what she has to in order to keep her team alive. Building trust amongst them has to be high on that list and if that’s what Kensi and Deeks needed, so be it.

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