Gameplay Goes Haywire and an Explosive Weigh-In on 'The Biggest Loser'

Gameplay Goes Haywire and an Explosive Weigh-In on 'The Biggest Loser'

The episode starts off LIVE with Bob in a really cute jacket outside telling us thattwo people will be eliminated tonight. He greets a group of shivering people in ski hats, who presumably will not get to watch tonight's episode since they have to be outside waiting with Bob. Ten contestants remain, which means that from here on out The Biggest Loser will be flashback central. After re-introducing us to the remaining ten contestants through flashbacks, the contestants flash back to last week. Don't remind us!

Alison reminds them that three people gained weight last week, like they didn't know. She then announces that they will be going back to their original colors, but will be competing as pairs this week. One person will pick the teams and at the end of the week, two people will be eliminated. Nobody wants to be with Lisa, who has admitted frequently that she wouldn't mind going home. 
Without assigned teams, the contestants hit the gym for an old-fashioned butt-whooping from the trainers they haven't worked with in a while. Ada wants to be paired up with one of the guys, and I want her to, too. Elizabeth and Lisa want to be on the same team. They can have each other! 

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