'Sons of Anarchy' Season 3, Episode 10 Recap

Kellan Ashby hit Jax Teller's most vulnerable spot hard when the priest talked about how painful it could be for a child to grow up in "the life."

Jax himself grew up in that life, embraced (or trapped) in the almost paralyzing, clannish world of the MC. For years, he'd harbored doubts about whether living life for and with SAMCRO was the wrong path for him. 

And now here's Asbhy, echoing things that John Teller wrote in the manifesto that carried such weight with his son. Ashby is a liar and a manipulator, to be sure, but that doesn't make his words sting any less. John never wanted this difficult life for his sons. Jax has been looking for Abel all season, but, once he found the child, was he making a huge mistake by letting him come of age in the same world he found so brutal and off-putting at times? 

I've no doubt that Jax will soon be knocking on the nuns' door, looking to reclaim his kid. Thanks to his status in the Belfast community, Ashby felt he could play God with other lives, but he stepped over the line with this kid. He and his lackey Casey are lucky to be alive at this point. Ashby may make Jax start thinking harder about questions he's pondered for a long time, but the priest is not about to break Jax's resolve. 

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