Michael J. Fox Portrays Disabled Attorney on 'The Good Wife' (VIDEO)

Michael J. Fox Plays Disabled Attorney on 'Good Wife'

Michael J. Fox handily incorporates symptoms of his Parkinson's disease into his role on 'The Good Wife' (Tue., 10PM ET on CBS). As attorney Louis Canning, Fox's character suffers from a "neurological disorder" that causes him to weave and shake. In the courtroom, Canning describes his condition -- and the pills that combat his symptoms -- to sway the jury in a class-action suit against a pharmaceutical company.

Canning says his symptoms "intensify when I become perplexed ... I don't want you to be distracted when my opponents are questioning--" Alicia Florrick quickly objects, realizing his devious strategy.

Florrick tells Canning, "You are guaranteeing that the jury will be watching you throughout our testimony, to see how you react." What will the judge's decision be?

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