Fringe: Joshua Jackson Ponders Peter's Destiny

If you've been watching Fringe this season, then you know there's been a lot less Joshua Jackson on the show than usual. Thanks to a storyline that is taking the show back and forth between two universes, Jackson's Peter Bishop has only been appearing in every other episode, except for some quick sequences where "our" Olivia imagines him talking to her. But you won't find Jackson complaining. When I visited the set of the series recently, Jackson exclaimed, "It's so nice! It's so good. Today was my first day [working] after eight days off, and these poor guys worked a nineteen hour day yesterday. I pop in and go, 'Hey, how's it going! I'm so happy and so relaxed!' So it's been pretty good."

But does Jackson feel at all left out, considering most of his costars are getting to play two different characters right now? "No," said Jackson with a smile. "I think for the actors it's fun to play the dual roles, so I'm definitely missing out on that fun, but I certainly don't mind at all having a week off every other week. It's like working on a sitcom! It's perfect!"

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