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'Hell's Kitchen' Season 8: Too Few Cooks in the Kitchen

'Hell's Kitchen' Season 8: Too Few Cooks in the Kitchen

Usually things go wrong when there are too many cooks in the kitchen, but tonight on Hell's Kitchen, the opposite was true as one chef after another was tossed out during dinner service. It all began with Trev standing toe-to-toe with Ramsay, still waiting on the cliffhanger that happened two years ago. (Felt like that, didn't it?) But instead of going home, he was sent to join the ever shrinking men's blue team and he was thrilled . . . for a few minutes, anyway.Though everyone but Nona did awful in the blind taste test, Trev had the unfortunate luck of going last so his team blamed him for the loss. They women got a shopping spree and lunch with Ramsay while the guys were left to sort through the trash for recyclables. Things only got worse for Trev when he was blatantly shunned during prep.During dinner service, it was Rob who got the boys off to a bad start with his inability to sear a scallop, but for some odd reason, he's only given a warning then sent back to work. When Nona flakes on the meat station, Ramsay unexpectedly throws her out of the kitchen. Next Vinny and Russell are sent to the dorms, which makes no sense at all. Russell was a victim of the domino effect from his teammates and in the end, Rob joined them, too leaving Trev to finish service alone. Insane.

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