American Idol Season 9 Episode 30 "Top 9 Perform" Review

Well tonight we had a great theme night on American Idol! The contestants were mentored by previous American Idol contestant and unbelievable showman Adam Lambert. The theme tonight was Elvis Prestley and I truthfully could not wait to see the performances tonight.

It was good to see Adam come in and ask the contestants to wake up and start putting some pizzazz into their performances. Overall the contestants did alright but I must say I think Tim Urban is going to make it further in this competition than I first anticipated. Could it be possible? The young girl fans just adore him! Even Ellen referred to him as Tequila, you grow to like it more and more.

I was really disappointed in Andrew Garcia's performance tonight when he sang 'Hounddog'. He was my top choice earlier in this season and now I wonder if he even deserves to be here which is unfortunate because he used to be creative and has an exceptional singing voice. Shibhan also overdid it tonight with her hootin' and hollerin'. Should we call her a Mrs. Lambert wannabe that just doesn't work?

The other contestants did mediocre as well tonight and well it was overall entertaining. The only downfall of the night was the hosting skills of a possible intoxicated Ryan Seacrest? His jokes were unbearable and dancing during Tim's performance was way out left field. Well it definately wasn't boring to watch. I wonder who America will ship home tomorrow night since two will be eliminated.


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