UNDERCOVERS “Crashed” Review

Undercovers Season 1 Episode 8 - Crashed

An American pilot shot down in Chechnya was injected with something nasty. This makes him betray his country. The Blooms are sent in the retrieve the pilot, unaware of the country-betrayer-shot he has been injected with. As usual the plot is predictable. Upon arriving in Chechnya, the Blooms and Hoyt encounter minor difficulties (in this case land mines) solve minor difficulties (in this case with…em…bushes) find the plane and, conveniently, a blood trail, and follow it to a conveniently close village where they happen to see a man standing around wearing a US pilot watch. They follow him, find the pilot, pilot goes all betrayal on them, escape from capture, find pilot again. Pilot is shot by mysterious man (oh my gosh, remember last week when Sam discussed her mentor who died in a car bomb? You don’t think he, shock and horror, didn’t die in a car bomb, do you?) so they head to a party, ruin a perfectly lovely cake and save the day Angels and Demons style. Yes, it is that bad. Yes, they did indeed take a bomb and drop it into a body of water from a helicopter.

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