Lost Season 6 Episode 15 "Across the Sea" Review

Well tonight Lost took on a whole new kind of perspective. And showed a different kind of episode that we have not yet seen this entire season. Tonight was the focus of Jacob and The Man in Black.

Tonight Allison Janney from The West Wing was guest starring tonight as a Mystery Woman on the island and I can not begin to tell you how great she made this episode tonight. She was absolutely unbelievable and out of her ordinary role. After last week's not so overly exciting episode, tonight was refreshing and extroadinary. It will be the talk of the week!

We end up finding out at the beginning of the episode about Claudia pregnant and shipwrecked on the island, she ends up going into labour and delivers twins none the less. And we discover that one of the babies wrapped in white was Jacob and the other baby was wrapped in black, other wise The Man in Black. The mysterious woman, Locke's Eve kills Claudia and it is a very dramatic beginning to the episode. We learn that Jacob was always meant to protect the island and must one day find his replacement and the Man in Black also known as Locke's Adam, and the humans find that the island is magnetic and that in certain areas the island is strange.

There is a bright, warm light that is brighter and warmer than any light that the boys have seen. It's in everyone. If man finds it, they will try to take it and it will go out and darkness will come.

Further in the episode The Man in Black floats into the light after a fight with Jacob and the Smoke Monster appears. Jacob's brother and mother die but are found by Jack and Kate perfectly perserved.

If you missed tonight or are thinking of not watching this particular episode, think again, you will not be disappointed.


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