Review: 'Morning Glory' Is Cloudy With Hints Of Sunshine

Morning Glory

Devotion to your work is generally a positive quality, however when that dedication consumes your life, it becomes a negative one because you have difficulty maintaining healthy relationships with others.  The frustrating part is that most of the time you do not receive accolades in your career to compensate for the human connection you miss out on for being a workaholic.  These are important lessons our protagonist Becky (Rachel McAdams) learns at the outset of "Morning Glory."

Becky labors as a television morning show producer day after day, living and breathing the news.  She can barely make time to put down her cell phone, even when she is on a first date.  Station restructuring puts Becky out work, and without a job or serious relationship, she’s forced to take a hard look at the realism of her aspirations to join the famous NBC program "The Today Show."

After a great deal of searching and some serious begging, Becky is given the post of executive producer for a failing morning show called "Daybreak" on the fictional television network IBS.   The crew has resigned itself to mediocrity, and its anchors are selfish jerks that have no problem chewing up and spitting out producers.   

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