Are You Ready for 'MythBusters' in 3D?


Have you ever watched 'MythBusters' and thought to yourself, "Gee, I like watching things blow up and get destroyed, but these experiments feel dulled by the constraints of two dimensions"?

Well, wait a little longer and your three-dimensional dreams might come true. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 3D channel formed from Discovery Communications, IMAX and Sony Corp. is "extremely interested" in filming several episodes of 'MythBusters' in native 3D -- meaning the shows will be planned specifically for the medium.

Out of all Discovery's shows, 'MythBusters' seems especially ripe for 3D. Unlike a reality show -- 'Deadliest Catch,' for example -- 'MythBusters' is planned and shot on soundstages (and at each mythbusting location), so mapping out a 3D episode would be much easier. What do you think?

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