Rainn Wilson, Fallon's 'Office' Boss Ideas: Latifah, Nolte, Fanning, Springsteen (VIDEO)

Rainn Wilson Talks New 'Office' Boss on 'Late Night'

On 'Late Night' (weeknights, 12:37AM ET on NBC), Rainn Wilson revealed that ever since August (just before the Emmys), the cast of 'The Office' vowed to each give different answers to everyone's question: Who will replace Steve Carell as boss?

The names they jokingly bandied about included Dame Judi Dench and Queen Latifah. In a recent interview, Wilson mentioned Nick Nolte and Dakota Fanning as possibilities.

Jimmy Fallon suggested bringing back Ricky Gervais, head of the British original series, for a season while Wilson's character Dwight moved up the ladder. The following season Dwight would manage the Dunder Mifflin branch, change the title to 'The Boss' and get Bruce Springsteen to come on.

"And what would that be like?" prodded Wilson. Fallon responded, "I'm not your little monkey!" but he eventually obliged with his impression of The Boss.

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