'Stargate Universe' Season 2, Episode 7 Recap

stargate universe sgu the greater goodRush's secret is out. And so, apparently, is Destiny's. So lemme get this straight: The Ancients built Destiny to search for God? As Rush explained it to Young, the ship was designed to explore space after the Ancients found evidence of a "structure," or a transmission, which was created by someone or something possibly before the dawn of existence. Life before life. And discovering this structure and the being(s) responsible for creating it could lead to a new level of understanding and power that man has never experienced.As Marty McFly might say: That's heavy. Still, is it the truth? Show co-creator Brad Wright told us back in September that the crew would discover Destiny's true purpose this season. "I think season two is going to be answering a lot of questions that were building up and that people may have been wanting to know the answers to all through season one, the biggest of which is 'What is this mission all about?' and 'What was this ship launched for to begin with?'," he said. 

But is this the answer? Can Rush be trusted, or is he lying through his crooked teeth and trying to manipulate Young and the crew yet again? Sadly, we don't have the answer to that question. Well, not yet, anyway. 

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