Big Brother 12 Season 12 Episode 5 "Nominations" Review

Well it was yet another interesting and drama filled episode of Big Brother 12. And on this episode we got to see just who Rachael was targeting this week since she holds the power of HOH. After watching the events leading up to the nomination ceremony I grew a liking for her and was sincerely hoping she would nominate the "mean girl duo".I have never met two girls that could be more rude, catty, spoiled, and plain dumb.

Hayden was not targeted this week and it looks like another showmance might commence as he tells the cameras that he has a thing for Kristen. He talks to Rachael about keeping him and her safe. There was also the "Have Not" Competition and it looked like Brittenay got paid back for her cattiness behaviour as she was strapped to a wall and everyone teamed up to spray her in the face for an hour.

In the end Rachael decided to nominate both of them by trusting her instincts. Monet and Brittenay broke into tears as if they had no inclining that they would be nominated. The houseguests also got a message from Annie "The Sabatouer" letting them all know her role in the house. Next episode will be the POV but I doubt either of the nominees will win, sealing their fate in the house.


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