Top Five 'What the Heck' Moments From Last Night's 'Hell's Kitchen'

Top Five 'What the Heck' Moments From Last Night's 'Hell's Kitchen'

Over eight seasons, we're all pretty used to seeing moments on Hell's Kitchen that made us go, huh? But last night there were quite a few fake-outs, wrong moves and plain old batty behavior. So here's a look at the Top Five "What the Heck?" Moments from episodes 9 and 10. 

5. Vinny and the Lamb

Forgetting an order is bad enough, but when it's the meal for a celebrity guest chef, that's enough to get a guy fired. In an attempt to rectify the situation, Vinny did what any good chef would do, he tried to serve the lamb raw. Yes, a lot of food goes to pass still raw, but Vinny cut these chops, saw the plainly uncooked meat then covered it with foil and sent it up. The look on his face made it clear that he was hoping for a miracle. But the patron saint of cooks turned him down which gave Ramsay a chance to utter one of the best lines of the night, "It's still walking!"

Honorable mention goes to celebrity guest Josiah Citrin who cackled with delight over the screaming. "Love it! Get 'em, chef." Geez, this is a chef eat chef world.

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