'Friday Night Lights': Where everybody knows your name


The Lions win again! And the increasingly well-dressed denizens of East Dillon are ready to party. Too bad they don't have anywhere to go.

Wait, this is "Friday Night Lights," so Buddy Garrity (Brad Leland) opened a bar just for the occasion. And it has TVs, which is awesome, because though the Lions still might not be ranked, but they do warrant aerial photography on network TV.

When the celebrating is done, Vince (Michael B. Jordan) returns home to find his mother cleaning the apartment. This can't be good. The lack of bags under her eyes tells us she's not back on the pipe, so it must be something else. His father's been paroled. A-whaaaa?

We're already getting misty and the opening titles haven't even started. Oh, wait. There they are. Time for a 42-second jam band induced emotional breakdown.

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