'Survivor: Nicaragua': NaOnka Mixon goes a little nutty


At "Survivor: Nicaragua's" latest Tribal Council, NaOnka went a little crazy, but it didn't matter because the women finally got their act together and sent Marty packing.


Everyone was pretty annoyed with Marty's anti-Jane rant at Tribal Council, so if he doesn't win Immunity this week, I'd be surprised if he stuck around. Marty, of course, thinks everybody but him is "just stupid." His big plan is to make everybody think NaOnka is going home, so the Idol is flushed out, but having everybody blindside Jane.

Reward Challenge

The tribe is divided into two teams -- it just happens to end up men vs. women, which is hilarious. Because there is an odd number, Chase was not chosen and has to sit out, but he gets to chose one team to back and if they win, he goes with them on the reward.  He chooses the women -- I think I would too. The winning team gets a treetop zip line tour and a barbecue.

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