Crimiinal Minds Season 5 Episode 22 "The Internet Is Forever" Review

Well no surprise on my review here for this episode of Criminal Minds. My reviews for this show this past season have been pretty consistent, all of them praising what an amazingly entertaining night it was watching the BAU team solve yet another case. And tonight was no exception.

"The Internet Is Forever" which was stated tonight as the team announced that once you put something on the internet no matter what it is there forever. A seriel killer is using the internet as his weapon of choice, preying and hacking into the lives of a particular kind of woman. And of course you can expect Garcia to play an important role in tonight's episode. She is my favorite character on this show. When she cracks the code, and tracks the seriel killer, you can't help but jump out of your seat!

Of course the BAU team always does a great job of solving each case and saving individuals but regardless it is entertaining to watch them put the puzzle pieces together. We were aware of who was the culprit early in this episode which was refreshing. And even the team was captured on live stream as they enter the home of his next target. I give tonight a 4 out of 5. The storyline alone almost made it a 5.


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