Survivor: Nicaragua: "Running the Camp" Season 21, Episode 9

Survivor: Nicaragua Season 21 Episode 2 - Fatigue Makes Cowards of Us All

Even as the former La Flor and Espada tribes merge into one, two distinct factions are illuminated this week as Marty continues his attack against Jane while power-players Sash and Brenda ponder their next move. Upon returning to camp from Tribal Council, Marty stands by everything he said about Jane: If she makes the final three, she's a guaranteed million-dollar winner. The Marty camp — including Fabio, Dan and Benry — have a plan to blindside Jane by telling the camp they're voting for NaOnka, thereby flushing out her hidden immunity idol and sending Jane packing. Jane, however, has a team of her own in Chase, Purple Kelly, NaOnka and Holly, with Sash and Brenda as the swing votes. Brenda admits that her relationship with Chase has drifted over the past few weeks, and because he's such a worrywart, she's unsure if she can trust him in an alliance.

What did you think about last night's episode? Are you happy to see Marty go, or should it have been NaOnka? And what, exactly, are Purple Kelly and Dan still doing out there?

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