'Bones' recap: Cougar Drown

Now, this is more like it! After an uneven (if we're being diplomatic) run of episodes, Bonesfinally gives us a fast, funny hour that feels rooted in the characters we love. (How strange, there's no Reporter Girlfriend in sight!) Last night's telecast felt different right from the start – instead of the typical 90-second drama of the Random Corpse-Discovering Meatsims, we saw Booth waking up, slowly and painfully. His muscles ached; his bones ached; his neck hurt. Bones noted that he was just feeling his age, and hilariously listed six seasons of general abuse – "when that overweight woman shot you, that time you tried to act as a human shield." Full credit to David Boreanaz for actually making me believe that an impeccably handsome dude in his early 40s could be believably experiencing the early pangs of midlife-depression. "How is it I went to sleep Han Solo," he asked, "And I woke up Obi-Wan Kenobi?"

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