'The Vampire Diaries' recap: Tomb Raiders

So much history to cover, so little time to show Damon having sex with Rose. This was definitely the most exposition-heavy episode of the series to date. It was a means to an end -- that end being us finally knowing why Katherine came back to Mystic Falls and why Bonnie, Tyler, Caroline, and anyone else Elena loves are screwed. Now that the stories have been intertwined and the stakes have been upped -- Originals can compel other vampires?! -- things are about to get interesting. Interesting and violent. (Note: I wanted to use an exclamation point there, but I thought it would make me look bad.)

After hearing from Rose that foot soldier Elijah was the Easter Bunny compared to Klaus, the oldest of The Originals, Elena went to visit Katherine in the tomb to find out what she knew.

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