'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Heat Under Pressure

Because I know I can’t start every recap proclaiming how amazingly awesome Grey’s Anatomy is this season, I’ll be more specific. This episode was hot. I know it was officially all about "pressure," as Meredith’s voiceover told me, but, while we’ve had sexier episodes in the past, the suggestion of sex to come was whispering around every OR wall and nurses’ station. (The teaser for next week seemed to bear this out, too.) I’ve missed the sexy sex in my Grey’s, what with everyone being all couple-y, so I welcome this hint of the near future.

Helping to facilitate the prospect of future sex, of course, was the devastating breakup last week of Arizona and Callie — and while that’s great, I did miss her already. So sad to hear that there was a new peds attending named Stark skulking about. But the very public reveal of last week’s other bombshell — Cristina’s resignation — during Teddy’s patient presentation felt fitting. I wanted exactly that big, dramatic reaction Mark had in the middle of her speech: "She didn’t quit quit, right?" The Cristina-related questions went on for so long that it prompted Teddy to ask, "Is this a patient presentation or a post-mortem on Dr. Yang?" Afterwards, Owen and Teddy asked the Chief not to mail the letter that would officially end Cristina’s tenure as a surgeon and promised to try to talk her back.

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