Donnie Wahlberg: Bloods Brother

As the Blue Bloods cop most likely to shove a perp's head in a toilet, Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) makes it hard to tell which side of the law he's on. "He's a gray guy," says Wahlberg. "Is anyone really good or bad?" Though Danny exercises a little flexibility with constitutional rights, he's always a stand-up older brother to the youngest Reagan, Jamie (Will Estes), who recently joined the force. "It's sort of like the younger sibling that doesn't quite belong in the family business," Wahlberg says, comparing them to Sonny and Michael Corleone of The Godfather. "Danny wants Jamie to be careful and smart."

And in this week's episode, they'll have to be both. After a suspect dies, Danny must close a case to keep Internal Affairs off Jamie's back. "You'll see Danny giving Jamie a hard time, but you'll come to understand it's more complicated," Wahlberg hints.

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