MISFITS “Series Two, Episode One” Review

Misfits Season 2 Episode 2 - Episode 2

If this episode were to be given an actual name, it would undoubtedly be ‘Monkey Slut’. After burning down a house prior to the series’ beginning, Simon was sent to a psychiatric unit where he met Lucy, who became infatuated with him. This turns out to be bad for the Misfits gang when Lucy shows up at the community center along with other patients from the mental hospital. She is jealous of Simon’s friends and sets out to destroy them.

Last series ended with the death of Nathan, which was sad, and Kelly crying over videos of Nathan, which was even sadder, then the revelation that Nathan was immortal. Thanks to our masked vigilante, Kelly, Curtis, Alisha and Simon dig up Nathan and the Misfits are reunited.

This season they are bringing in a sixth character, introduced briefly at the end of last season: a guy masked in biker gear, knee and elbow pads, helmet, the whole shebang. A vigilante who steps in to save the Misfits at the eleventh hour. I’m not sure how excited I can get over this fellow; it is hardly an original concept, but I will give him (or her) the benefit of the doubt-mainly due to their insanely awesome skills with a paper airplane.

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Nov 14, 2010 1:17PM EST

I thought it was an awesome episode, i really enjoyed it.
And its a guy, coz they showed us his naked torso in passing.

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