'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia' Season 6, Episode 9 Recap

Never in the history of television has there been a more terrifying episode title than that of tonight's.  The day that Dee is entrusted with the nation's developing minds is the day that we slip back into the primordial soup, never to see land again. 

This week's episode picked up right where last week left off, with Charlie pursuing his new (old) career as a janitor at the local high school, while Dee filled in as a substitute for the inspiring old drama teacher she inadvertently crippled last episode. Charlie found himself fitting in at school surprisingly well, earning the admiration and respect of the students despite his penchant for eating half-peeled oranges out of the garbage. Dee ... well, it seemed like everyone still thought she was nuts, with good reason. The main draw of this episode (deservedly so, since it took up almost half of the runtime) was the gang's inspired -- and eagerly anticipated -- production of 'Lethal Weapon 5'. It didn't disappoint. 

We were kind of enthralled by Charlie's (excuse us, "Professor's") inexplicable rapport with the students, especially the random "juggalo" he befriended in the bathroom. We'll also be sad to see the semi-creepy school principal go, since the guy rolled with Charlie and Dee's weirdness with admirable nonchalance. 

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