The Bachelorette Season 6 Episode 4 "New York City" Review

Tonight has to be my favorite episode that has aired thus far on this season's The Bachelorette. Why, you may ask? Well not only did we get to see one Bachelor go to the extreme of getting a tattoo to prove his sincerity in his quest for her heart but the venues chosen tonight were very entertaining to watch.

First, you are probably wondering about the tattoo? Well at first I thought that Casey got her name tattooed to his wrist but no it was a rose (Bachelor symbol), a heart and a shield. This guy is obviously very sincere and genuine but to go to that extreme. I don't know if I should be concerned or feel sorry for this sap when he does get eliminated. Just how is he going to take it?

Ali was feeling under the weather for the majority of this episode but she did manage to perform on Tony Award Winning Broadway Show, The Lion King, with Roberto. She also had a one on one date with Chris from Cape Cod, who was also celebrating his birthday. This has to be my favorite choice for her. He is just such a sweet guy! But like they say nice guys finish last and that is truly unfortunate and I hope he makes it far in this show.

The singing on tonight's episode could have broken glass as Casey kept singing these God awful tunes during their one on one, the funny weatherman playing his guitar and the guy's auditions to star in the Lion King. But at the end of it all two got sent home and Casey is still kicking as he received the last rose, without Ali even aware of his tattoo adventure.

The weatherman got sent home and another Bachelor that hasn't really stood out in this competition. But all in all, tonight was great, entertaining, and exciting to watch.


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